How To Make Money Selling Other’s SEO Service?

How To Make Money Selling Other’s SEO Service?You want to make money but don’t know how to do SEO? No problem if you don’t know how to make backlinks or PBN Links.You can still earn good money by promoting other sellers services.By becoming Yolancer Affiliate.

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How to become Yolancer Affiliate?

Step 1: Register On Yolancer ( Ignore if already registered)

Step 2: Goto or Click Here

Step 3:  You Will See a Tool Box like below Containing your Affiliate ID , Affiliate Referral URL and Custom affiliate URL.

Affiliate Yolancer

Step 4: If You want to promote Yolancer’s homepage choose normal referral URL but If you want to promote specific gig,just copy and paste that gig link and generate affiliate URL.

#Copy Gig Link of Any Seller That you Want To Promote

Best PBN Links Gigs



#Enter that Link in the tool to generate your unique affiliate link that you can use to promote this service and earn money.

Generate affiliate URL


#Click on Generate URL & Copy Your Affiliate Link

SEO service Affiliate

That’s it! Now Promote this link everywhere !


How Much Can I Earn By Promoting SEO Services?

Honesty! Unlimited as there is no limit on how much can you earn. It all depends on your marketing skills.All you need is quality traffic that buy gigs from your affiliate link.

Two Ways You Will Earn Money –

 Pay per job purchased: Earn Commission when your referral purchases a job

– Pay per job sold: Earn Commission when your referral sells a job (as a seller)

Below is the commission structure for affiliates –

– Pay per job purchased: 15%  ( Highest In Industry)

– Pay per job sold: 15%  ( Highest In Industry)

Cookie life:For 30 days the system would remember a particular user from the day he/she had accessed the referral url. If that particular user returns within the specified time period, and makes a purchase, the affiliate will still be credited for that sale.

How to Promote Affiliate Links?

Blogs: Write Articles on SEO or Backlinks and put your affiliate link and encourage users to buy seo backlink from your affiliate url.

Youtube: Make Videos on SEO and promote your affiliate URL in description or videos itself.

FB groups/Chats: Promote Your Affiliate Links in SEO Groups and in chat with SEO experts.

Paid Ads: Run Google Adwords or Facebook Ads and promote your affiliate links.

Payment Withdraw:

Minimum Withdraw limit of your affiliate earning is $25. As soon as you made $25 you can request for withdraw and money will be transferred to your account without any questions asked.

In Nutshell:

It all depends on your creativity and marketing skills how you promote these affiliate gigs but one thing is certain this is the right opportunity for anyone who wants to build an autopilot stream of income.


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