Best PBN Links Service Providers in 2018 ( Case Study)

Best PBN Links Service Providers in 2018: PBN Works and everybody knows even Google! If you were in the coma for last 3 years, Let us help you explain what is PBNs.PBN stands for Private Blog Network. It is the cluster of websites with high domain metrics used to give backlinks to the money site. Believe it or not but PBN works but there is a problem and that is from where to find the best Pbn services that can get you ranked within 2 weeks.

We ran a research for best PBN providers –

Everybody claims to provide high-quality domain metrics PBN service but the truth is most of these services are mediocre and show next to no result. To deal with this issue we sent our team on PBN Hunt. There are many sellers on Yolancer that provide PBN services but million dollar question is who is the best?

We Ordered Services from all the sellers –

Yes! Best way to find the quality seller is to try them all and evaluate them. We took one of our client projects and gave keywords to the sellers which we wanted to rank and noted down their current position and also added them in our SERPlab account to track them regularly.

Time Stamp:

We ordered all gigs on the same day and most of the seller delivered it by expected time. We didn’t give any review to the sellers as we wanted to see the result first before we write the honest review.


Keyword Difficulty:

Most of the keywords were for local businesses and had a really good competition that was helpful in evaluating these services. All these projects were for local business targetting same geolocation and had same domain age and metrics. Here, we made sure to have same variables possible. So, that we can come up with an efficient result.



After 2 weeks we started seeing some SERP dance. One of our client website keyword jumped from avg 22 to avg 3.3 and instant increase in traffic and client also reported some boost in business enquiries.

Client 1 result:


Client 2 result:


Client 3 result:

**Keywords has been Censored**


Who is the Winner?

Well, out of all the gigs. Two gigs just outrank all other gigs and coincidently both the gigs have been posted by same seller (PBNMachine) . Since, seller does not provide the backlink report to maintain the secretiveness of the links.So, nobody can harm the sites which we respect but still we were able to manage the links by asking from him to find out what was special about them.

Link to Winner Gig –

What was special about winner gig?

Ok, this PBN service worked but why? What was special about it? We started digging the links and found some of the main reasons these gigs worked.Below are the reasons that we believe were the reason behind SERP jump.

  • High Domain Authority
  • High Trust Flow (20+)
  • Aged Domain
  • Less OBL

In a nutshell, this was all about this case study and we were able to find the best PBN service provider of 2018 and not only that we also found what were the main reasons behind working of this service.


May 20, 2018